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Accounting Resources on the Net

Accounting Web --with links to all forms of businesses and business information

Annual Report Gallery --searchable site for annual reports of corporations -- A business portal with thousands of links to business information.

Business and Career Links --from Needle in a Cyberstack created by John Albee in Iowa--a huge set of links here under Biz Tools from A to Z!"> --"The Business Search Engine and Business Directory for Business Information"

Business Information Links--from">CEOExpress --Business portal for executives

Science Business and Industry Library of the New York Public Library--good links to business on the Internet

CI Strategies and Tools --terrific links from Fuld and Co. to all sorts of business information

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

The Economist

Financial Times

Fortune 500 Links

Great Ideas for Teaching Accounting--terrific sharing of ideas among teacheers

Investor Words --complete financial glossary

Kelley Blue Book --Used car bluebook values and new car pricing

Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites

National Budget Simulation

New York Stock Exchange

FXConverter - OANDA's 164 Currency Converter -- A way to compare jobs and salaries. Bills itself as the technology leader in compensation management includes Salary Wizard to calculate your salary

Securities and Exchange Commission --look up corporate filings, etc. here.

Stockmaster--for the latest prices and quotations and stories from Red Herring

Technology --links to thousands of technology related information

U.S. Savings Bonds Online

Savings Bond Calculator

Statistical Abstract of the United States--from the Census Bureau

Stat-USA--daily economic news and data

Hoovers Stock Quotes--in searchable setup if you know the abbreviation for the stock name!

Wall Street Journal Interactive


Acorn to Oak: Woodworking

Automotive Training and Resource Site --a great reference site with loads of technical articles in .pdf format and a valuable set of links to other similar resources.

Automotive Technology Lesson Plans

Building Materials and Wood Technology Links--a very nice set of links for the subject

Collision Repair Lesson Planning Assistance

The Crash Dummies --all kinds of automobile information here

How Stuff Works --a terrific site to find out how all sorts of things work from engines to things around the house

The Old Car Manual Project

Technology Education Links


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