Rivers & Trails Program of the National Park Service and the Appalachian Mountain Club

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Julie Isbill and Becka Roolf and work for a partnership between the Appalachian Mountain Club and the National Park Service. Our office is in Brunswick, Maine and we serve Maine communities through a technical assistance program called Rivers & Trails. Our projects, related to trails, rivers and conservation, are selected jointly by the AMC and the National Park Service, through an annual application process (applications due September 1). Our focus is tangible results, like trails built, rivers restored, and land conserved.

Currently we are working on six projects: the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Belfast Trails, the Kennebec River Rail Trail, Sheepscot Valley Salmon Trails, Upper Androscoggin River Canoe Trail , and York River Watershed Conservation. The Northern Forest Canoe Trail spans 740 miles, crossing every major watershed in the northeast, from the Adirondacks to Fort Kent, Maine. In Belfast we are planning and beginning to implement a system of trails for the city. Phase I of the Kennebec River Rail Trail, from Augusta to Hallowell, is scheduled for construction this summer. The Sheepscot Valley Association is working to create trails to teach people about salmon. The Upper Androscoggin River Canoe Trail will begin in Shelburne, New Hampshire and end in Rumford, Maine. The York Rivers Association is promoting watershed conservation by conserving land and restoring habitat.

If you want to know more about the Rivers & Trails program or if you have a project that might fit our goals, please call us at 207.725.5028 (Julie Isbill) or 207.729.0359 (Becka Roolf), or send e-mail to julie_isbill@nps.gov or becka_roolf@nps.gov. We look forward to talking to you.

Julie Isbill and Becka Roolf

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