Meetings in the book took place in Musselburgh, Fisherrow, Inveresk Kirk, Prestonpans, Dalkeith in addition to the home base at Aitchison's Heavine. The actual excerpts here cited were from volume XXIV of Ars Quattuor Coronati (the Transactions of the Quattuor Coronati Lodge, No. 2076 E. C.) and was read as a Paper to the Lodge in March 1911.

It should be noted that in the earliest minutes of the lodge book the harbour was still called "Millhaven", but about 1609 was changed to Aitchison's Heavine. The harbour lay just east of Mussilburgh between Levenhall and the modern day harbour of Morrison's Haven (which was renamed from Aitchison's to Morrison's Haven) in Midlothian. These origins of this region dates from a Charter of King James V dated 1526, and the lodge in all probability dates from that time. By this Charter the Monks of Newbattle were authorized to form a harbour within lands then belonging to them for the purposes of shipping coal from the coalfields of the Barony of Prestongrange.

Judging from the similarity between these cited surnames when broken down into soundex code and the "Aitchison" name on the lodge book, other known Acheson variants; as well as the existence of a heavy population of Acheson's in the region at that time; and the Gordon Clan Sept surnames of Aiken, Atkins etc.; the men here cited are Acheson's who have fallen victim to a dialectual or regional spelling variation. One can fairly well tell when the lodge book came under the pen of a new clerk since the spelling variations would be consistent for a while then would significantly change periodically.


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