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Lowland Regions


Atzensone, Patrick was notary-public in Jedworth, 1500 (PSAS., LIX, p. 102). (S1)

Achinsoune, George On June 18, 1500 there is a charter by the vicar of Hacmerry, granting various lands and rents for support of two chaplains in the parish church. "Omnibus...quinque partic tas terre simuel jocentes in burge de Dalkeith in terrom George Achesoune" et terrum Alexandre Hammyltowne (between the lands of George Achesoune and Alexander Hamilton)... due tenementa. (Two tenements lying in Kirkpage, which belonged to the deceased Henricus Aitchinsoune.). (S13)

Ackynson, William was a juror in Lanark in 1501 (ibid, p. 11). (S1)

Achinsone, William Mar. 28, 1530 personally appeared William Achinsone, son and heir of umquihile (the deceased) George Achinsone and ablist him faith fullie
till deliver till Janet Covertone the spons of James Covertone at his hume Cuming next in Scotland, absone of grete rancheteris, or ellis, a barrell as saip (meaning soap), merchand ware and sufficient stufe, for XI S. the barrell. It is apparent from this that George Achinsone's son Willliam was evidently a merchant in Edinburgh and that his father had died by 1530.

Achinsone, William (ca. 1530) Be it kend till all men be thir present letres... John Lyndesey... haf gradit to William Achinsone and Margaret Rankyn, his spouse and til one ayr maill touchfully, getting between, and to the liffare of thaim two akeris and a
half of a rud land lyand before there house, nex heil Alexander akeris on the west part. (meaning Lyndsey granted to William and Margaret and to all their heirs of their bodies and to the ones that lived the longest, 2 acres and a half of lands befor their house, next to their neighbor Alexander's acres on west side.
William appears in another instrument (a rental book) with his mother Elizabeth Dunlop living between Johannes Alexander and Isabel Trouse. William and his wife Margaret Rankyn had at least three sons,but probably had more children, not listed here. His sons were:1) John born 1499, later a member of the Council of Edinburgh in1538 or 1539. 2) George born 1500 married Marion Troupe in Edinburgh on 12 Sept 1529. George was burgess of Edinburgh. His father William died sometime between 1540 and Sept. 12, 1541 as he is listed along with William's widow Margaret in a rental agreement at the later date. George died himself prior to June 9th 1549 as Marion Troupe is listed as his widow in a suit on that date in Edinburgh. (S5)

Acheson, Archie (surname spelling unknown) of Ginles in 1552 was Chief of the Clann (Acheson or Gordon Clann?) (S19)

Aitchesoun, James, 'Maister Cunyear', was ordered to coin 'babeis' (bawbees) in 1553 (RPC., I, p. 152). Location not mentioned, but was almost certainly in Edinburgh. (S1)

Aitchesoun, James Gunyear, was ordered to coin 'babeis' (bawbees or halfpennies) in 1558 . Location not mentioned, but was almost certainly in Edinburgh. (S19)

Acheson, John was recorded in Berwickshire in 1563. (S19)

Acheson, James and his wife Janet, in 1570 (possibly 1517 instead) purchased a large Canongate Edinburgh house, now called "Huntly House". He was succeeded in ownership by John Acheson (1590) who retained possession until 1609. The house was later purchased by George Gordon (1st Marquis Huntly and then Clann Chief) about 1630 from whom its present name is derived. (S2, S3)

Acheson, William is born Nov. 27, 1582 (probably near Edinburgh). He is recorded as having "Lost his sword about seven years ago" in 1629. (S20)

Aichesone, Marc was custumar of the Newhewin (Haven) of Prestone in 1590 (ER., XXII, p. 89). From he or his family may have been derived the name of "Achesounes hevin" (1609), now Morrison's Haven in the parish of Prestonpans. Note: A custumar was a form of tax man who collected export duties on such things as wool, sheepskin or wool pelts, and leather. (S1)

Aichesoune, Masie (spelling?) was present at a "witches meeting" in North Berwick about 1590 (also present were a Barbara Napier, John Gordon (AKA Grey-Meill), and Bessie Thomesoune). This meeting came out in the North Berwick witch trials in the 1590's which led to the execution of several people including Barbara Napier and John Gordon above.

Achesoune, William married Bessie Thomesoune on June 18, 1595 in Edinburgh.

Aytone, Wilzam (elder); Aytone, Wilzam (younger); Aytone, George are listed in the first minute of the worlds oldest Masonic records from the Lodge of "Aitchison's heavine" in 1598 (George was a later signer of the St.Clair Charters) " The IX day of Januerie the zeir of God upon ye quhilk day Robert Widderspone was maid fellow of Craft in ye presens of Wilzam Aytone Elder, John Fender being Warden, Johne Pedden Thomas Pettencrief John Crafurd George Aytone Wilzame Aytone younger Hendrie Petticrief ief all fellowis of Craft upon ye quhilk day he chois George Aytone Johne Pedden to be his intenders and instructouris and ye also said Robert hes payit his xx sh. and his gluffiis to everie Maister as efferis." (S22)

Aytone, George; Aytone, Wilzame (elder); Aytone, Wilzame (younger) Excerpt from the minutes of the Lodge of Aitchison's heavine- "The XI day of Januarie 1598 Upon quhilk day Alexander Cubie was enterit prenteis to Georg Aytone the quhilk day George Aytone ablishit himself to haif no mo prentissis withput the license of the brither of ye Ludg in presens of Johne Fender Warden for ye present WiIzarne Aytone elder deacone Johne Pedden Johne Crafurd Thomas Petticrief Wilzam Aytone younger Hendrie Petticrief Georg Aytone clark for ye present Robert Widderspone enterit prentises Richard Petticrief Archibald Glene Ninian gumerie James Petticrief of ye quhilk enterit prentiseis Alexander Cubie chois Archibald Glene and James Petticrief to be his instructoris also ye said Alexander Cubie hes payit xx sh and his gluifis (gloves)." (S22)

Aytone, Wilzame (elder); Aytone, George Excerpt from the minutes of the Lodge of Aitchison's heavine- (1598) "Upon the XXVIII day of May Johne Petticrief hes payit his x sh to ye buiking of himself his prentischip, being expyrit upone ye viii day of Mairch ye zeir of God 1599 and hes payit bot x sh becaus he was ane free manys sone and hes payit his gluifis to ye cumpanie yat was conwinit Johne Fender Wairden for the present Wilzame Aytone elder deacone Johne Craftird Thomas Petticrief George Aytone Hendrie Petticrief enterit prentiss Ordainit [illegible) James Petticrief WiIzame Petticrief [illegible) the said James Petticrief." (S22)

Aytone, Wilzame (elder); Aytone, Wilzame (younger); Aytone, George Excerpt from the minutes of the Lodge of Aitchison's heavine- "The XXVIII day of May 1599 Upone ye quhilk day Johne Low was maid fellow of Craft in ye presence of Johne Fender Warden for ye present Wilzame Aytone elder deacone Thomas Petticrief Johne Crafurd Hendrie Petticrief Wilzam Aytone zounger Georg Aytone all fellowis of Craft also of enterit prentis Richart Petticrief James Petticrief also ye said Johne Low did chuis George Aytone and Wilzame Aytone younger to be his intendars, and hes payit xx sh and his gluifis to ye said cumpanie." (S22)

Aytone, Wilzame (elder); Ytone, Wilzame (younger); Aytone,George; Aytone, Wilzame (of Mussilburgh); Aytone, James Excerpt from the minutes of the Lodge of Aitchison's heavine- "The XIIII day of December 1599 Upon ye quhilk day Edwart Ramage was maid fellow of Craft and hes payit xx sh for his buiking and hes giwin his gluifis also to ye brither to wit Johne Fender Wairden Wilzame Aytone eldar dikone Wilzame Aytone of Mussilburgh John Pedden Thomas Petticrief Wfizame Miller John Crafurd George Aytone Wilzame ytone younger Hendrie Petticrief Robert Widderspone Johane Low of enterit prentisis James Aytone George Baxter of the quhilk de chuis to be his intenders [illegible] Robert Widderspon." (S22)


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