Submitting Document Citations and Sources

Thank you for contributing to the Acheson GEnealogical Societies online Acheson Database. With your help we will make this an invaluable research tool for all of the genealogists of this ancient family.

Please remember to be as accurate, complete, and specific as possible in recording your document information. No bit of information is too small, or too large. Consider also that information is not necessarily just written sources, but perhaps things such as scanned photo's or imagery of coats of arms, or places as well.

When making a submission, kindly peruse an area of the web page where you suspect the information will be posted, and endeavour to reorganize your submitted information in a similar format to help save the Chief Herald time in compiling the data (i.e. last name, first name- then info, etc.). It is much more time effective for individual members to pre-organize their submissions themselves, than for me to organize everyones information all by myself. This will increase the amount of time I can spend on other areas of the web page. Thanks!

Any information in fact (i.e. maps of Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Coats of Arms, etc.) which you percieve that this Web Page needs, are also appreciated.

Your submission may be in the form of a direct Email if small enough to cut and paste for example, or perhaps as an attachment to an Email. MS Word, Excel, or plain Text files are all workable, but for Lineage Submissions see that link. In your communication please list the subject as Source Citation to help me sort out my mail.

If you prefer to use snailmail, or have not input your data into a computer file, then please address your submission to the following:

Acheson's Haven

12 Hamden Place

Arundel, Maine 04046


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